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Having grown up as a profoundly sensitive person, I've come to experience my sensitivity as my greatest gift because it allows me to very deeply feel the experience of being human and the beauty it comes with.  My greatest hope is that through my work, others can experience the beauty of being alive - with all of life's highs, lows, the immense joys and even the darkness that can feel unbearable - as deeply and profoundly as I do, and to start to see that beauty all around them. 

In particular I'm inspired by the ocean and I try to capture the unpredictability and power that comes from water; that power that can be destructive, but when you step back far enough from the chaos and turbulence - it can feel serene, calming and soothing.  So, I work to capture that in both my watercolor as well as my oil paintings.  

Watercolor was my first love when it comes to paint because I love the unpredictability of it - you have to stay present with it at every moment and be willing to change course.  I try to bring that same freedom and flow to my work in oils.  I feel my best work always comes when I don't force my initial expectations on a piece, but rather I let it evolve and try to stay flexible and present.  Isn't that a metaphor for life! 

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