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Echoes: Frequency of Loss

Echoes: Frequency of Loss

48x72 Inches

Oil on Canvas


Echoes explores the experience of losing a person you love deeply, and the lingering feeling that the person you lost is still with you somehow.  You sometimes feel connected to them, but the signal is frayed and hard to make out.  When you stand back and try to feel the message it becomes clearer ... but when you try too hard to look for the message, it's lost in transmission.  


It's about allowing yourself to experience the softness that's left after loss, and leaning into the comfort that comes from the sense that someone is looking over you and loving you from somewhere beyond the known world -whether you can prove it to yourself or not. 


I created this piece as part of my frequency series in honor of my father who passed away.  As I painted, it was his frequency -the frequency of his love for me- that I tried to capture.


The Frequency Series 

Created to capture the frequencies of being.  Each piece in the series takes an element of being human or specific life experience and then transduces, distills and captures the unique frequency of that experience.  

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